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IDS ready for Horizon 2020
IDS will invest in developing innovative robotic platforms for environmental monitoring and are hoping for a partner role in a Horizon 2020
project. For more information on our interest and capability please contact 

Work on R&D Project
Developing Biosensors for real-time in-situ measurement of high impact and difficult to measure pollutants.

IDS FloodWatch Site for Cork
Website launched for water levels in the Lee Catchment. More on Cork Floodwatch 

  IDS MicroBuoy

Starting at 60cm diameter and weighing less than 30Kg, the IDS MicroBuoy is the smallest of the IDS buoys. It is rugged and delivers data in real-time. It has been designed for deployment in harbour and sheltered coastal sites and is easily deployed and maintained from a small boat.  The MicroBuoy is low cost with a range of telemetry and data input options. The buoy is available as a standalone system or as a turnkey solution with sensors for a range of water quality applications. The MicroBuoy is DataLink enabled meaning that data is accessible in realtime to a secure client web site. 

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IDS Smart Tide Gauge

The IDS tide gauge includes a barometric pressure sensor. This gauge is DataLink enabled and is different to most others in that astronomic tidal predictions can be preloaded on to the system and used to estimate the surge component in realtime. The DataLink derived parameter functions can be used with other time series data so that water level data to be used as a surrogate for other parameters such as tidal currents in a harbour. 

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      Dredge Support Monitoring

Whether mounted on existing platforms of opportunity (e.g. Navigation Buoys) or delivered as part of an IDS turnkey instrumented data buoy, IDS provide a range solutions for monitoring in support of dredging operations. Parameters delivered include turbidity, DO, pH and a range of other water quality parameters at one or more depths. These data greatly assist our clients when applying for Dumping at Sea or Dredging licences and helps ensure that dredgers operate within agreed limits.

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IDS Monitoring Ltd, Unit 1, Raheen Woods, Tuamgraney, Co Clare, Ireland. Tel: +353 (0)61375180. Email: