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This website is a not-for-profit initiative run by IDS Monitoring Ltd with support from our Partner in the Tyndall Institute and other sponsors.

It is our ambition to expand the system and implement a relatively dense network of up to 15 monitoring stations in the Lee and sub catchments around Cork. This roll-out of new monitoring stations will rely on sponsorship of new stations. However, with commitments of support from hardware suppliers, and ongoing support from IDS Monitoring and Partners the cost of new stations for this project is significantly reduced. To find out more about sponsorship of a new station or maintaining an existing station please click here

Based on our analysis of millions of data readings collected over the past 5 years, additional stations would allow us  provide a good short range forecast of water levels and provide predictions of flooding.  

Ongoing support for the Lee Maltings Station is sponsored by the Tyndall Institute.

Ongoing support for the Anglers Rest Station is sponsored by Cork City Council.  

To see a location map for these stations please click here.

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What the numbers mean...

The station at the Lee Maltings is located near the Mercy Hospital. The water level values on this station are based on a local datum. If water Levels at this station exceeds 4.8m it is possible that some locations (e.g Probys Quay) will see start some minor flooding. If the water exceeds 4.9m it is likely that the flood will spread and threaten some buildings.  A reading of above 5.0 m at this station is usually associated with more significant flooding at the eastern end of Oliver Plunket Street and may spread to other areas. By way of reference the peak water level associated with major flooding on Feb 4th was 5.285m and on Feb 3rd was 5.237m. 

The Station at the Angler's Rest is located downstream of where the river Shournagh joins the Lee. Water Levels here are greatly influenced by discharge rates from Inniscarra Dam. Again, this station uses a local datum. A water level of 2.5m at this station is associated with flows in excess of 150m3/s and normally involves flooding of the Lee fields. High flows at this site influence high water in the downstream tidal zone.

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